Why learning Dutch with Marieke?

First of all, you will learn Dutch well with Marieke. You indicate what you want to learn and the training is adjusted accordingly. Together with Marieke you choose your  teaching method, so that it meets your wishes. During the lessons, other relevant material is also used, so that you are challenged to learn as much as possible. Not only in, but especially outside the lessons. This not only makes the lessons very effective, but also makes learning Dutch super fun!

Who is Marieke?

2020 04 HBFotografie Thuis Portret de Ruiter 3 2She will introduce herself: 

"I am Marieke de Ruiter, certified teacher Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) in Adult Education. After years of volunteering in the field of language for various organizations, it became increasingly clear to me that I wanted to become a NT2 teacher.  When I got the opportunity to follow the Teacher Training Course for Dutch as a Second Language at VU/ Windesheim, I seized it with both hands. The training itself was hard work, but also enjoying all the new things that I could learn and immediately put into practice during an internship.

For a number of years now, I have been teaching many different people with great pleasure. All these people have one thing in common: they are super motivated to learn the Dutch language! That makes teaching very satisfying. At the same time, it also motivates me to continue learning myself and to keep abreast of developments in the field. I do this by reading professional literature, taking courses, attending (online) conferences and sparring with other NT2 teachers. And of course also by reflecting on the experiences I gain during the lessons. Because my students not only learn from me, I also learn a lot from them!"


CRKBO DocentYou can contact Marieke at: 

Phone: 06 - 17 63 83 31

E-mail: marieke@nt2lerenmetmarieke.nl