Group courses and individual courses are available at all levels (A0-C1+).

Teaching method

Each course is tailor-made. The appropriate teaching method is determined per course.
Existing NT2 teaching methods (such as LINK, Nederlands in gang) are used, supplemented with self-developed teaching materials. In the lessons, the emphasis is on speaking (unless otherwise agreed upon). The other skills (listening, reading and writing) can be practiced at home. Students are expected to do a lot of homework in preparation for the lessons and to practice with everything learned in the lessons.


The courses are currently only given online (via MS Teams). In the future, a course at (your) location may also be possible.

Lesson times

There are no fixed lesson times. The course times are determined in consultation. This way, the working hours of your employees can be taken into account. Usually, the lessons last between 1.5 and 2 hours.


The lesson rates depend on the group size, the intensity of the course and the time of the course. A tailor-made offer is made for each course.